Community Services

Our Services:

    1. We promote unity and co-ordination of the affairs of the Somali Community of NSW in the following manner:
      • - By representing and making representations on behalf of members of the Somali community to the Commonwealth Government of Australia and to any organizations or bodies in the State of New South Wales.
      • - By directing and coordinating efforts for the raising of funds, donations, gifts or any other form of assistance within Australia.
      • - By organizing education, family affairs, youth development and sports activities, and other programs and projects which are of benefit to the members of the Organization and to the Somali community in NSW.


  1. We promote the Somali culture, language and traditions to partake the Australian multicultural spirit.
  2. We foster and promote social contact and co-operations among Australian Somali community and others for the purpose of harmonious integration.
  3. We promote peace, understanding and good relations between Somali Community and mainstream Australia for the purpose of harmonious integration.

Religious and Islamic Studies from Auburn

    • - Wiilasha iyo caruurta yaryar Maalinkasto oo Axad ah saacadda 10:00am ilaa 1:00pm cinwaanka waa 12 Harrow road Auburn.
    • - Gabdhaha 12 sano ka wayn Mallinkasto oo Axad ah saacadda 10:00am ilaa 1:00pm cinwaanka waa 125A Auburn Road Auburn Waxaa laga galaa albaabka dhinaca jidka Beatrice Street kasoo horjeedka Auburn Public school.
    • - Duruusta haweenka Waa maalinkasto oo Axad ah saacadduna waa 2:00pm ilaa 6:00pm Cinwaanku waa 131 Park Rd Auburn.
    • - Duruusta ragga waa malinkasto oo Subtiya Salaada magrib kadib ilaa cishaha Cinwaankuna waa Masjika Cumar ee ku yaala Harrow road.

LAKEMBA—Casharada ka baxa Somali Cultural Islamic - Center 79 Holdan St Lakemba

    • - Tafseer : for brothers only. Every Monday after Maghrib - approximately 1:30 hour per session
    • - Tafseer : for sisters only: Every Wednesday between 10:0am – 12:30 pm
    • - Quran and Fiqih: for children over 5 years only. Every Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am – 12:00pm
    • - Maths: for year 9 and over Every Tuesday from 8-10 pm
    • - Website Development; only for the people with computer skills. Every Thursday from 8-10pm
    • - Sunan Abu Dawood (commentary of the prophet’s tradition): for brothers only. Every Thursday - After Maghrib
    • - Arabic – for beginners, for brothers 15 years of age and over. Every Tuesday – after Maghrib
    • - Classes for children every Saturday.


If you require further information of how to enroll please contact Bashiir Ahmed on 0431 442 011 or Ahmed Adan on 0402 681 919.