Somali Inaugural Community Conference - a great success.

Nov 2010

The conference was held on 13th November at Auburn Townhall attended by over 200 participants. The Hon. Barbara Perry was the conference guest speaker. A prominent Somali imam Sh Isse from Melbourne gave inspirational talk and encouraged the NSW Somali community to embrace their new found country and continue to make positive contribution.






Somali Center Fundraising Campaign Launch

Saturday 4, September 2010

The Somali Islamic Centre Fundraising Campaign is officially launched at Iftar dinner on Saturday 4, September 2010. This special event with more than 150 in attendance launched the first phase to raising funds for the building of a Center in Sydney. Insha Allah, our target is to raise $500,000 within two years. With the Will of Allah (swt), this unique Center will be used as worship place, a community centre and a school. The Center will serve the needs of hundreds of Somali families in Sydney and surrounding areas. The centre is hoped to become a symbol of hope for future generations and the wider Australian society. The fundraising campaign is ongoing and we invite all generous donors to invest in this worthwhile project.



Somali community welcomes the funding from NSW government for two community development positions.

July 8, 2010

Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of Australian Somali Community Association (ASCA) today welcomed The Honourable John Hatzistergos, Attorney General and the Honourable Barbara Perry, Minister for Local Government and Minister for Juvenile Justice, official announcement for $149,000 grants to fund community capacity building projects in Auburn. $129,000 to fund a Somali community development worker to target the specific and complex needs of the growing Somali Community in Auburn.
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Xaflad lagu xusayay munaasabadda 1-da Luulyo oo xalay lagu qabtay Sydney.

Jimco 2nd July 2010

Xaflad lagu xusayay munaasabadda 1-da Luulyo oo ku began xornimo-qaadashadii Soomaaliya ayaa xalay lagu qabtay Xaafadda Carramar ee Magaalada Sydney, iyadoo xafladdaasna ay ahayd mid ay ka soo qeybgaleen dadweyne faro badan. Xafladda oo ay si wadajir ah u soo qabanqaabiyeen dhalinyaro Soomaali ah ayaa waxaa looga hadlay taariikhda Soomaaliya iyo halgankii dheeraa ee loo soo maray xornimo-qaadashadii Soomaaliya. Munaasabadda waxaa ka hadalday Safiirka Soomaliya u jooga dalka Indonesia Ambassador Maxamed Colow Barow. Ugu dambeyntii, xafladda oo ku dhacday jawi aad u wanaagsan ayaa waxay ka qeybgalayaasha isugu hambalyeynayeen munaasabadda xornimo-qaadashadii Soomaaliya, iyagoo dhinaca kalena Alle ka baryayay in uu dhibaatada ka dul-qaado Dalka Soomaaliya.


Somali Youth Indoor Soccer Team-Best in the West!.


ASCA (Australian Somali Community Association of NSW) would like to congratulate the Somali Youth indoor soccer team. They took out the 2010 I-League Cup by winning their second championship in two years against a very competitive young Turkish side from Bonnyrigg Mosque. It was by far their toughest match of the season, with the young Turks threw everything at the Somali youth but the Somali youngsters held on to a thrilling 5-3 victory and back to back I-League championships. MashaAllah! The champions enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Jasmine Restaurant in Auburn the following night to celebrate their tremendous performance. Keep up the great work boys!

Somali Youth beat the Force.

Sunday 2 May 2010

The One Community event bringing together young people from Auburn, Granville and Parramatta was held on Sunday 2nd of May at Progress Park, Auburn. The initiative was co-organised and supported by the Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police as well as several prominent Muslim community organisations in order to help break down the barriers of communication with law enforcement agencies.

Later in the day an Oz-Tag tournament took place involving the AFP, NSW Police and the local Muslim youth. The Warya Lions (Somali youth team) also took part in the oz-tag tournament and were victorious against the AFP and NSW Police in an exciting 4-3 victory against the law enforcement agencies. The Warya Lions displayed excellent sportsmanship and exemplary behaviour both on and off the field.

The Warya Lions Captain, Abdimalik Osman later said: “It is not a matter of us versus them (the police), we are all working for a better and a safer Australia for both us and the wider Australian community and therefore we are all one”. He also added by saying, “we hope this sort of event continues in the community because we need the police to be our friends and not our opponents”. The day also included a free barbeque, children’s activities and talks from local Sheiks and Imams as well as members from the NSW Police and the AFP reinforcing the important message behind the ‘One Community’ campaign.


2010 Eid Celebration

26th November 2009

On the occasion of the Eidul Adha, a well organized Eid festival was held at Bicentennial Park (Homebush Bay) on the 26th November 2009 and organized by ASCA. Over 1000 Somali community members have attended. The occasion provided opportunity for the Somali community members to meet and catch up. It was great pleasure to see Somali women, men and children having so much fun. Big thank you to Abdiweli Osman, Mohamed Omar, Adnan Abdi, Muse Osman and Mohamed Ibrahim for making the event such a memorable successful.